The Art of Nick Holdsworth


George Thornton Art welcomes you to an exhibition of works created by Nick Holdsworth.
The exhibit will run from Saturday 23rd March until Saturday 30th March.

You are  invited to a special champagne preview of the show on Saturday 23rd March between 4pm and 6pm.
Nick Holdsworth will be on hand to talk about his art and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any queries about the work or would like to see selected works pre-show please contact the gallery, otherwise, have a read about the artist and his works below.
We look forward to seeing you in the Gallery.


Twiggy by Nick Holdsworth 
Dimensions:40″ x 40″
Original Artwork: Pixelated screen print & Spray Paint onto Paper (Framed)
£895.00 or 10 monthly installments of just £89.50, interest free

Nick Holdsworth, born 1973 in Nottingham has spent much of his career within the fashion and design industry. Nick uses pixellated images and air brush techniques to re-create icons from the movie screen and pop culture.

Nick in 1997 set up his own fashion label, ‘Purple Om’. His cult designer T-shirt brand was revolutionary and items were sold throughout the world in top name independent and department stores such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty’s, Collette and Barney’s. Nick cites himself as one of the first designer t-shirt label brands building upon the 90’s obsession with psychedelic images and youth culture.


Holdsworth ventured into the fine art world with instant success by creating works unveiling images with two different perspectives, he creates a  distinct style fusing iconography and portraiture whilst flirting with the idea of pop art.

Large in scale, he mounts thousands of pixelated images of a subject on top of each other to form a template. Then using free hand spraypaints Holdsworth applies colour to create the hair and skin tone, and stencils for the lips and eye shadow. This final duplicatation of the image covers the orginal template resulting in a stunning finish, which when completed creates an unmistakeable, but original likeness to the chosen icon.



Study for Rhonda by Nick Holdsworth
Dimensions:16″ x 24″
Original Artwork: Silkscreen, stencil & Spray paint onto Board (framed in an original art deco moulding)
£995.00 or 10 monthly installments of just £99.50, interest free



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