“UK shoppers going on line rather than the traditional day shopping”? It set me thinking!

On the 20th February I wrote about the possibility of art fraud when buying online.  Then last week I read an article written by Reuters which was about changes to Shopping Malls as a result of more UK shoppers going on line rather than the traditional day shopping.  It set me thinking!

If I wanted a picture in the past I would have trawled the galleries.  Today I look at the websites to find the artists I like.  This reduces the time spent trailing about and gives me a short list of places to go and look.  The Internet never gives a true representation of the real article but then what I see in a gallery needs to look right in my home with my collection.  So professional galleries will always come and hang the work so that I know its right.  But the rub is that I have built up an understanding and a trust with my gallery.  It is not just about the work but also about service and trust.

So how am I going to move into the newer online way of buying those precious pieces that enhance my collection and provide the sound investment I need in the economic climate.  Well!  Firstly I am going to use the net to cast wider than I was able in the past.  But, I am then going to use my trusted relationship with my gallery to source the products where they are not available locally.  Even when they are locally available having looked and chosen I will source the product through this relationship.  We are all hooked on branding.  In the case of clothes it usually means a label that gives the confidence of quality and service irrespective of where I buy it.  In the art world the confidence that collectors seek is provided by the gallery.  So look widely but tread carefully buying through those you trust to provide a high quality service every time and certainly not the quick buck merchants who are selling work whose source is questionable and cannot be contacted when service is a problem.

ImageNext Exhibition….. The Art of Nick Holdsworth.

Private View: saturday 23rd March {4pm until 6pm}

Exhibition: Saturday 23rd March until Saturday 30th March

(image: ‘Blondie’ Original Artwork: pixellated screen print and spray paint.

£895 framed. No deposit, 10 equal instalments of £89.50 with Own Art (interest free credit)


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