We’re a Finalist…

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Some of you may or may not know that the gallery has become a finalist at this years Nottingham Evening Post Business Awards. I hadn’t really considered entering until a  friend of mine rang me up and (after much pestering) persuaded me to enter.

I had no idea that it may actually go anywhere, then low and behold I received an email saying my business was up for the ‘Retailer Business of the Year Award’ sponsored by vision express. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little proud of myself, heavens knows how big my head will get if I were to actual win.

The Gallery has been doing well, we have some amazing new artists, we’re currently down in Bristol at the Affordable Art Fair, and I’ve even managed to employ a helping hand in the gallery. This award could hopefully signal, further growth for the gallery and one more thing to add onto my list of great things to happen in 2013.

The competition is tight though and it is by no means in the bag, last night I had the chance to eye up my competition and do a little schmoozing at ALEA Casino. It was a brilliant oppurtunity to meet some of the sponsors, sadly i couldn’t find the lady representing Vision Express. The other finalists and the team from Champions who have helped organise the whole thing, and have done an outstanding job doing it.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on May 23rd, so fingers crossed for gallery please, and good luck to everyone else, I’m very excited about seeing you all there and having a brilliant evening.

Even if we don’t win, thankyou to Vision Express for picking the gallery as a finalist and to everyone that has supported the gallery since we opened. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Rolf Harris: How will this mornings allegations affect the art market?


News broke today that Rolf Harris, a much loved and admired figure, was arrested following Operation Yewtree. The operation launched by Scotland Yard questioned the 83 year old on allegations of sexual abuse, Harris denies the allegations, and the abuse is not thought to be linked to the Jimmy Saville scandal. Shockingly the investigation seems to have been going on since September last year when Harris was first questioned by police, since then there has been a press blackout with newspapers unable to publish the story for legal reasons. With these developments surfacing, what impact will this have on the  Rolf Harris brand, particularly his art work? Should Whitewall Gallery who currently stock works by Harris and collectors who have already purchased his works, worry about the affect these could have on the price and saleability of these works, or could it even have the opposite affect?   

Rolf Harris, his music, books, art and overall brand has made him one of Britons best loved and celebrated entertainers. His long career has spanned almost half century, including a long stint at the ‘BBC’ appearing on Animal Hospital. His art has been exceptionally popular since the start of his career, perhaps his most famous catch: “Can you guess what it is yet?”, was used whilst drawing his famed works. Today his work sells for a high sum and Whitewall Gallery a leading gallery with branches all over the country, sells original works and prints by the artist. Walking past the gallery this morning I couldn’t help but notice Harris’s works had been moved into the front window, I can’t help but feel this was a deliberate move by the gallery. This scandal may be a blessing in disguise for the gallery and investors, should he turn out to be cleared of all charges, the press intention will have only pushed Harris further into spotlight, advertised his brand further and vindicated a very much loved figure. Such publicity could see an increase in sales and perhaps even push prices up. This good publicity would of course be welcomed, but what about the other side of the coin? The alternative of course is that Harris’s long career could ultimately be tainted by the story, should the scandal develop further the likelihood is that he will become notorious and unpopular, leading to a fall in both sales and a decrease in the price of his works.


Above: ‘Ghost City in the gums’ by Rolf Harris, released 2004.

Considering the nature of his arrest and the public’s attitude regarding such allegations following the Saville scandal, what is the correct course of action in such an event? Although nothing has been set in decided in court, a formal arrest has been made and potentially his name has already been tainted, especially since the story was covered up for such a protracted period of time. I was speaking to a lady on the subject just this morning who came in the gallery, she was shocked by the news and admitted that it was making her think twice about the way she perceived the artist. The same lady also lamented over the scandal surrounding Lance Armstrong, a once life long fan, she recently binned all his books and any other related material on the biker. It just goes to show the damage that can be done through losing trust in someone you once held to such a high standard. Should we follow the same example she did with Armstrong? It’s almost certainly to early to say, but ethically and morally it will probably seen to be the appropriate course of action. With this idea in mind though, shouldn’t we also be throwing away other artists with similar backgrounds? It has become popular knowledge now that Michelangelo enjoyed the company of young boys and many of Picasso’s muses were very young girls.  

The art market is an ever fluctuating place and the effect this scandal will have on the collectability of Harris’s work is yet to be seen. What ever the outcome, it is likely a question-mark will always now be hanging over the entertainers head. His work will most likely remain on the walls of collectors and galleries for the time being. We must though be careful of the precedent set in the wake of this, if the value and perceived ability of Harris’s ability to produce excellent pieces of art is affected by his personal life, should we not also re-asses the quality of collectibility of more historic artists with even darker backgrounds?

Mackenzie Thorpe: Exhibition and Charity Book Auction

We’ve got a really exciting couple of weeks ahead of us and we want you to get involved, from April 24th to May 11th we have an exhibition from the world renowned and highly regarded Mackenzie Thorpe. This captivating exhibit celebrates the 10th Anniversary of  his ground breaking ‘Game of Life’. The tour that catapulted Thorpe  into the public hearts and minds and raised his profile within the art world, making his work both sought after and widely collected. George Thornton Art, is one of 10 galleries handpicked to show the complete collection, not seen since 2003.

To commemorate, Thorpe has released two new prints; ‘In Dad’s Boots’ and ‘Man of the Match’ (below), these are both available to view and buy in gallery now, and for those fanatics out there, Thorpe has released an a reworked, signed copy of the ‘Game of Life’ collectible book to celebrate the 2013 show. Its contents include new and orginal sketches (dogs/faces), anecdotes, prose and much more, a collection of orginal artworks in thier own right, and all in one place.

This book is not only highly collectible, but is being auctioned off to benefit 10 (Can you see a pattern developing?) different charities, each picked by the participating galleries. Our charity of choice is ‘The Broad Appeal’ whose raison d’etre is to raise awareness for motor neuron disease and support those with the condition and their families.


Above: A cheeky peek inside the book, to see more, look on: www.issuu.com/mackenziethorpe/docs/the_game_of_life_twenty_thirteen

If you are interested in bidding for the book, please contact the gallery and we can get you on you way to owning a little bit of history.

We’ve saved the best bit of news until last, don’t worry you won’t be disappointed! On May 4th Mackenzie Thorpe himself (yes really) will be in the gallery between 1pm and 4pm. This is an amazing chance to meet the artist and ask him all about his work.
WARNING: This will be a busy event and due to galleries limited space, if you are interested in coming along, please contact me either by phone or email, and I will be able to guarantee a space on the day.

These and more Mackenzie Thorpe’s limited editions, original work and sculptures are available now in the gallery, Take a look on my  website and come in to see these extraordinary pieces in the flesh!


‘In Dad’s Boots’ by Mackenzie Thorpe
Signed limited edition giclee print onto paper (mounted & framed) editon 195


‘Man of the Match’  by Mackenzie Thorpe
signed limited edition print onto paper (framed) Edition 195

New for April

Aprils shaping up to be an exciting month here at the gallery. We’ve had some new works in this week from a few familiar faces, extraordinary compositions from world reknowned artists. Later this month the gallery will be exhibnting work by the highly regarded artists, Mackenzie Thorpe and to top it all off, George Thornton Art will be representing itself for the first time at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair.

Have a look below at some of fantastic new pieces, avaliable now.


‘Dulce Condena’ by Sara Sanz
Original Artwork: Acrylic onto Canvas, mounted onto Board
Dimensions: 22″ x 26″
£1250.00 or 10 monthly installments of only £125.00 (Interest free)

Image ‘Bardot La Carresse’ by Mike Edwards
Original Artwork: Oil onto Stretched Box Canvas
Dimensions: 47″ x 63″
£4450.00 (Payment options available)

Their will be a small run of 25 prints coming soon for this amazing piece, making the original highly collectable.
please contact the gallery for more information.


‘Yasgur’s Farm’ by Gail Troth
Original Art: Oil onto Canvas
Dimensions: 48″ x 36″
£1250.00 or 10 monthly installment of £125.00 (interest free)


‘Manchester Printworks’ by Rachel Tighe
Original Artwork: Acrylic onto Canvas
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
£795.00 or 10 monthly installments of £79.50 (interest free)


The Gallery has now signed the world reknowned artists Mackenzie Thorpe whos works will be exhibtited in the gallery over the next few weeks

‘Bee My Love’ by Mackenzie Thorpe
Signed limited edition print onto Paper (mounted & framed) edition 195
Dimensions: 26″ x 27″
£450.00 or 10 monthly installments of £45.00 (interest free)