Jimi Hendrix – created with fragments of record vinyl

Artist, Ed Chapman has exhibited throughout the UK, in Europe and the USA.

His unusual mosaics are on display at Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ Museum on both sides of the Atlantic, two of his large works are currently on a six-year educational tour of the US and Canada.

Ed predominantly works with ceramic tile, however lately he has branched into other mediums including stone, plectrums and now record vinyl! Incidentally, in 2011 Ed’s unique Fender plectrums portrait of Jimi Hendrix sold for £23,000 with the proceeds awarded to help support Cancer Research UK.


Ed Chapman’s ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in Vinyl : Original Artwork, fragments of record vinyl, mosaic onto board and priced at £6,000.

Payment options available with Own Art. No deposit, followed by 24 instalments of £250….


This enlarged photo of the work shows and incredible amount of detail.

His mosaics have a number of high-profile collectors including foreign royalty, members of the Times Rich List, musicians such as Annie Lennox, TV stars, Premiership and England footballers, an African state governor and even Lemmy from Motorhead.

Ed’s mosaics have received widespread media coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and CBS in the US, as well as international press, newspapers and magazines and countless websites.

For all information regarding this work please contact the gallery. +44(0)1159 243 555


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