Neon Art: ‘Courty’ comes to town!

 Gallery 3

The use of neon in art is definitely not new. Vapour-tube devices filled with gas were invented in the early 1900s and were being shaped and used in advertising by the 1930s although the end product was slightly mishap in shape and design. In the decades that followed, the artistic uses for neon tubing became more apparent, and people continued to experiment with this fragile medium. Fast forward to the present and we find a movement breaking away from the fairground rides and seedy night life to now.  It’s a staple of art, fashion shoots and high end window displays. Cool Britannia and metropolitan hipness collides with a completely spectacular, although delicate, art form. Leading the movement is London’s master glass blower, Robert Court. Simply known as ‘Courty’ he has come crashing upon the art scene, shaking light introspective waves of colour over a movement that is taking the art world by storm.

Courty 1The science: Sealed glass tubes with a metal electrode at each end, filled with one of a number of gases. Apply several thousand volts to the electrodes which ionises the gas in the tube, causing it to emit coloured light. The force of light creates such an incredible glow… Thus ‘neon’ is born!

When used correctly, neon can be much more beautiful than that old dusty sign hanging in the window of a bar. It behaves unlike any other medium and takes physical skill to manipulate. The combination of colour and light are also unique to neon, making it a medium of choice for many as a vehicle to convey emotion and ideas. Courty’s ability is extraordinary. The written word is taken from his own handwriting, photocopied and enlarged. After which tubes are heated and without the aid of modern machinery Courty will bend, fold and blow to create exceptional designs. Attention to detail is of the essence! Each tube is meticulously mounted and placed within a frame.

Courty and the production of his art is very much under the guise of the 1960’s ‘Pop Art’ craze! Challenging traditional concepts and ideas, embellishing slogans from everyday life, advertising and popular culture. Producing striking images has won this East End boy collectors all over the world, from diplomats to celebrities.

To find out more, see how intricate steps need to be put in place to ensure a monumental finish is created, do watch our video.

Courty 3

Title : Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll

Price : £8,200

Total dimensions : W:32” x H:32” x D:3”

Don’t forget you can purchase this Neon original via our Own Art scheme. Spread the payment over 10, 12 or 18 months (interest free). If you would like more information regarding this work please contact the gallery. Telephone Number – 01159243555 / E-mail –


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