Exhibition Invite – “Toy Town” – Hyper Realism by Christopher Green

DSCN1312 - Copy“Storm Trooper (Lego)”
Original Artwork: Oil on Board
22″ x 32″

Exhibition – ‘Toy Town’ : 27th June until 2nd July.

Toy Town’ is a celebration of the classic model and cinematic indulgence that we all love, together with the beauty that hyperrealism can expose in the everyday of these objects. Lego figures and toy robots are put under the microscope, their details blown up to create monumental, bold and indulgent paintings that celebrate gaming and our childlike, enchanting imagination.

The term hyper-realism appeared in the early 1970s to describe a resurgence of particularly high fidelity realism in sculpture and painting at that time. Christopher Green’s ability is incredible! Every inch of detail presents a new challenge as he works tirelessly to create lifelike form.


“Robot – 7”

Guided structure and draftsmanship with breath taking affect!


“Darth Vader (Lego)”
Original Artwork: Oil on Board
22″ x 30″
£2,500 (Payment options available via Own Art)

We do hope you can join us for an astonishing artistic treat, however if geography and times scales make this difficult do contact us and we can send a full brochure of work.

Telephone +44(0)1159243555
E-mail george@georgethorntonart.com

(please note the gallery is closed on Mondays)


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