From couture to canvas: Linking Fashion with Art?

Sara Pope - Cherry Pop

Artist – Sara Pope
Title – Cherry Pop
Medium – Signed limited edition graphic. (edition of 50)
Dimensions – 110cm x 90cm
Price £595 (Framed)

Fashion designer Paul Poiret once said, “I have always liked painters. It seems to me that we are in the same trade and that they are my colleagues.”

Fashion holds a valid claim to status as an art form. Great couture requires a creative mind, one that is compounded by the late Alexander McQueen and his current showcase “Savage Beauty” at the V&A this summer.

Skill, artisan and craftsmanship has to be involved in the making of any garment, and the creative use of media from fabric such as Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Bin Bag Skirt’ to even raw meat in the case of Lady Gaga.

So how close is fashion linked with Art? Already in galleries over the world we have seen the merge of fine art with illustration and now the change is definitely upon us as we see more fashion designers branching into Art Galleries and with tremendous acclaim.

The fact that fashion press employ fine artists to illustrate the designs of the day, echo’s the cohesion between fashion and art. It seems only natural that designers would evolve into gallery spaces.

Aside from the actual medium (if we want to call it that), I’ve come to see fashion as an outlet of sorts for other forms of art – even as an avenue for cultural movement. Take for example the work of Sara Pope. Her creative edge allowed her to work for various magazines as a designer and art director before moving to Spain and turning to vintage shoe customization for the likes of Paul Smith, Lacoste and Jasmine Di Milo.

Popes notable work, pop-art and highly stylized graphic images subverts the notions of beauty, consumerism, advertising all of which build on the concept of fashion.

It’s her ongoing relationship with the cosmetics brand ‘bareMinerals’ that allows her to gain an insight in to the consumer which actually is what all painters and sculptors are trying to achieve throughout their career. Why not use a brand or fashion label to aid such adventures?

This question poses an opportunity for some to say that this blurs the line between fine art and advertising – is that a detriment to the artist’s work? After all both Warhol and Picasso used their art to sell products. Both believed that this was a tool to build upon their personal brand awareness.

Lips by Sara Pope

Artist – Sara Pope
Title – Strawberry Lips
Medium – Original Artwork: Oil on Board
Dimensions – 80cm x 60cm
Price £2,000 (Framed)

Another gallery artist, Magnus Gjoen is similar, having designed for fashion house Vivienne Westwood, Gjoen brings a touch of punk- sensibility to the art tradition.

His fashion background infuses the art he creates, re-thinking old concepts and re-interpreting them for the contemporary climate. Working to shed new light on past treasures, Magnus’ prints alters the relationships between the viewer and the preconceived notions of objects; something which is echoed within the fashion industry.

Not only that, but Gjoen who works to punk guise, a statement which is current in today retail market by many a fashion label such as AllSaints, American Apparel and of course Westwood herself.


Artist – Magnus Gjoen
Title – Everything Ends with Flowers
Medium – Signed limited edition graphic. (edition of 10)
Dimensions – 85cm x 85cm
Price £835 (Framed)

The gallery is teaming with beautiful new art this month. If times scales and geography make a visit difficult do browse our website, All work is on-line, if you have any questions please get in touch.
Telephone +44(0)1159243555

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