THOSE who know my gallery know that my founding principles were based around providing good quality, affordable, contemporary and most importantly, original art.

It may then have come as a surprise to my clients when I began introducing limited edition prints into the gallery about six months ago. The ethos of delivering something unique remains at the heart of my business and the introduction of prints builds on that, making the art I support just that bit more accessible through the medium of prints.


‘Stitched Up’ by Mark Davies

My past experience with publishing houses hasn’t always been ideal and I was wary about buying from them for various business reasons. Around a year ago though, I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Hardman, managing director of Wishbone Publishing.

I discovered that Wishbone, a small and independent publishing house, offered something different to the larger players in the industry. In this sense we were one of a kind, two small independents fighting to find our place in a world now saturated by large established corporations with a global unthinking mentality.

KJD Carnivorous Webfile

‘Carniverous’ by Katy Jade Dobson

Glenn was keen to show me that the prints he offered were something different and something that could work in a gallery like mine. He was right.  After much soul searching I took a chance and began to stock a select number of prints sourced from Wishbone.

Importantly Wishbone only produces small editions of its prints, ranging from a run of 25 up to 195 and only once for each work of art. A considerable difference to an industry average of around 495. This makes their runs more exclusive and more appealing to customers who are seeking something unique.

Six months on and the prints provided have proved to be a hit in the gallery and additionally have attracted a range of new clients for me from across the UK.


‘Opulent Peacocks’ by Katy Jade Dobson

Wishbone Publishing has some amazing artists signed with them. Having only set up in May 2013 they have come a long way and are an excellent example of how to do good business in the art industry.

Wishbone attracts up and coming artists and brings new talent onto the market – concepts that I wholeheartedly support. Their mission is simply to attract the best talent, but they want to nurture their artists’ talent and watch them grow, exactly the way I feel about my own artists.

Bold & Beautiful web file

‘Bold and Beautiful’ by Dean Fox

JJ Adams is one of Wishbone’s major success stories. His Spring collection, some of which I have acquired from Wishbone for the George Thornton Art Gallery, sold in excess of £1.3 million in retail sales on the first day of release. An amazing result for a small independent.

Wishbone has some great artists aboard, and a brilliant team working behind it. I’m looking forward to my continuing relationship with them and can’t wait to see what the future has to offer for us both.

Unhappy Meal 24x30

‘Warmongers’ by JJ Adams

George Thornton Art

Unit 12A, Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN

01159 243 555


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