Darren Fraser – Paintings of the Primate…


‘The Apprentice’ by Darren Fraser

Drawing upon a dynamic and myriad pool of influences, Darren’s Expressionist work evokes disquieting subjects rendered feverishly as a means of confronting the realities of the modern age whilst exploring different aspects of the human condition. He is fascinated by the nature of personality and individuality.  He looks for and explores this in all of his works – of strangers, people in disguise, clowns and even apes.

Its Darren’s portrayal of everyday people whom he depicts as primates that fascinates me the most. Drawing upon his observation of relationships he encourages the viewer to remember that, within this modern age, we are (after all) the same and, that, no matter what we have achieved we should always remain grounded and remember where we came from.


‘Me Time’ by Darren Fraser
Oil on Canvas

Throughout Darren’s art he vacillates between fluid and static, minimalist and expressionist, pristine and dirty. Exaggerated forms and intense colour gives him a distinct style which is slowly amassing critical acclaim and collectors nationwide.


‘Day Dreamer’ by Darren Fraser
Oil on Canvas

Work by Darren Fraser on display in the gallery now.

George Thornton Art
12A Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN
Tel : 01159243555 E-mail : george@georgethorntonart.com

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