From time to time, Art faces controversy.

Dance with the Devil.jpg


Since humans began to make art, it has always been a creative form that is a hot bed of interpretation and criticism; from Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ to Harvey’s infant portrait of ‘Myra Hindley’. So why the need to create controversy and, in this day and age when internet access has allowed images to be showcased on a grand and un-mediated scale, how controversial can or should we become? Granted Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 take on ‘Clockwork Orange’ clearly demonstrated his intention to shock the audience. Now, fast forward 35 years and the concept of shock horror is a widespread and regular occurrence. Now most artists don’t want to alienate future clients per se, but acknowledge that controversy is a fine mechanism to encourage people to talk about an artist or piece of artwork. The art industry like any other business thrives on PR and marketing. I suppose the fine line is to attempt to provoke a reaction but not one that goes far enough to put a buyer off of actually purchasing the piece. To stimulate debate and to make the audience feel something – anything is in the hands of the artist themselves and in their judgement and execution of their work .

In the democratic marketplace of ideas, controversy over a work of art can arise from different interpretations about the meaning of a work. It can arise from different perceptions of the context in which a work is presented. It can arise from where people find their comfort zone begins and ends.

Below are a number of pieces that.. let’s say err on the side of caution as opposed to provoke outright controversy.


JJ Adams - Zola  Psyche Webfile

‘Zola Psyche’

By JJ Adams
Signed limited edition on Paper
£495 (framed)

Coco de Mer

‘Coco de Mer’
By Xue Wang
Original Oil on Board
£4,950 (framed)

Own Art available. Purchase with an interest free loan. Contact us for details.

105 - 2013 SPLENDOR VERITATIS - La splendeur du vrai  2MB

‘Splendor Veritas’
By Joel Moens de Hase
Photographic Mosaic

Own Art available. Purchase with an interest free loan. Contact us for details.

Thousands of images of undergarments create the ideal of a Nun.

Adam & Eve

‘Adam and Eve’
By Dean Kemp
Original Mixed Media Sculpture

New work by Dean arriving in March. Register your interest by contacting the gallery –

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

George Thornton Art

Unit 12A

Flying Horse Walk



01159 243 555

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