Harry Bunce – Making Love

Firstly we should possibly mention world renowned graffiti artist Banksy. The artist had many recurring motifs and themes in his work, such as criticizing war, government, political figures and recurring characters. Perhaps the most significant of characters is his Rat.


The Marmite of rodents that live amongst us. Bristolian counter artist Harry Bunce portrays the same sentiment in his work albeit crossing the softer natured character of the Rabbit. Harry’s work ‘Making Love’ features a smoking Rabbit holding a paintbrush in his paws and on the wall, he has drawn a heart. The heart is dripping with paint (bleeding?), probably due to the rabbits unsteady paws, but it’s bold and complete. In this image, Harry’s work emerged as a tribute to the transforming power of Love, moved to capture Love as a timeless and elemental force, the eternal pull of a tide drawing the affection we have for one another or place or possible even a rodent…

Harry Bunce - Making Love II PINK Webfile

‘Love Making’ by Harry Bunce

Limited edition to just 33 copies…

Presented within a float mount and off white wooden frame

Priced at £385 (Spread the payment over 10 months, interest free)

George Thornton Art

Unit 12A, Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN

Tel – 01159243555

Harry Bunce


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