’21 Grams’ A Solo Exhibition, Katy Jade Dobson

21 Grams

Social media is full of pictures of cute animals. Fluffy kittens, puppies performing tricks, baby gorillas beating their chests for the first time. In the face of the Brexit vote, amongst the angst and rage, Facebook users were posting charming animal pics in an attempt to alleviate the vitriol and to bring a little light relief into what was becoming a very nasty social space indeed.  Why do animals have such an effect on the human psyche, and why do we, broadly speaking, respond so positively to visual representations of animals in this way?


‘Devoted’ signed limited edition

The up and coming artist Katy Jade Dobson seems to have an understanding of this part of our make up in the stunning images of animals that she creates.  Big cats, flamingos, rhinoceroses, to name but a few of the subjects she has studied thus far, are presented to us against a stunning, backdrop of myriad colours that make the images joyous on so many levels.  Brilliantly realistic in her artistry, the subject is rendered exquisitely true to life and demonstrates her skill in reproducing animal anatomy. This talent alone in her art is enough to engage the animal loving art audience, surprising and delighting with her renditions of animals that we may never see in the flesh. However, this delight is then intensified in the creation of the fantasy coloured backgrounds. Abstract explosions of dreamy colours, realised in such a way as to imbue the canvas with an other worldly quality which draws the audience in and fulfills the visual senses with an almost childlike delight.  This brave, colourful representation of an animal made fantasy by its rarity or its inaccessibility is what reaches out and touches the viewer in a visceral vaguely inexplicable way is the skill here. And it’s this affectiveness which engages both the enquiring part and the pleasure centres of the human brain, satisfying our deep seated longing for the sense of joy that bright bold colours bring and also our innate love and interest in the animals portrayed.

We may not be able to visit far flung places to see the animals that Dobson portrays, but we can delight in the sensations that are engendered in her stunningly accurate depictions of the animals and the sheer exuberance in the backgrounds that she creates.


‘Opaline’ signed limited edition

The gallery is pleased to be showcasing a number of signed limited graphics and original art from this collection of work entitled ’21 Grams’. Exhibition commences 8th July until 16th July with Katy’s appearance in the gallery the opening Friday 6pm until 8pm.

‘Eminence’ Signed limited edition

If you would like to attend the exhibition including the Private View and meet the artist herself, do contact the gallery.

George Thornton Art
12A Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN
Tel : 01159243555
Email : george@georgethorntonart.com



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