Ostinelli & Priest, a range of ceramic animal sculptures

For reasons both sacred and secular, sculptures of animals have been created through various cultures and countries since the dawn of time. Something innate within the human psyche produces a love and desire to replicate a beast personified for symbolic purpose and that of natural beauty.

Duo artistic team ‘Ostinelli and Priest’ have taken years of studying art and science to create some remarkable, fluid creations. The pair have always thought of their work as a cross-over. On one hand its sculpture, with pieces created in clay and fired, and on the other is painting where the colour is applied. Bringing both of these elements together builds the character and individuality of each piece.

‘Zeus’ : Painted ceramic sculpture

Ostinelli and Priest really bring the animals to life both in the way the sculptures look and feel, highly textured you can almost sense the personality of these animals.

The gallery is showcasing a number of wonderful pieces, crafted facial expressions on each piece allows the viewer to connect on a personal basis. We have work on display now, predominantly canine as well as a sly fox and masterful bull. Images of these pieces can be viewed here. You are welcome to view pieces in the gallery and or perhaps you would prefer to consider your own commissioned piece. Ostinelli and Priest are able to work on all clients specifications, including size and colour patterns. Contact the gallery for all details or visit our website for further works.

‘Antonie’ : Painted ceramic sculpture

‘Mr Big’ : Painted ceramic sculpture

‘Sitting Fox’ : Painted ceramic sculpture

For further information contact –

George Thornton Art
12A Flying Horse Walk,

Tel – 01159243555
Email – george@georgethorntonart.com


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