Adam Warwick Hall – Sculptures

Fascinated by aircraft, animals and plants from an early age, Adam Warwick Hall trained as a sculptor, upon graduating he started work as a sculptor and model maker for the Film and TV industry. In 2012 he set up his own studio, inspired by aerodynamic, organic and animal forms, his work as an artist has always been a mixture of biology and mechanization ; fusing aerodynamic structures with organic forms

Herringkel Mk 1 -Adam Warwick Hall- Bronze -2 of 12- View e(1)

Herringkel MK1 – Original bronze sculpture with deep sea blue patina (Edition of 12)


Ground Effect – Original bronze sculpture with mottled black patina (Edition of 12)

A Clipping of Wings -Bronze-4 of 12-Adam Warwick Hall- View a

A Clipping of Wings – Original bronze sculpture with mottled green patina (Edition of 12)


Whanopus –  part whale part Flying boat mounted on a black American Walnut base. This unlike the pieces above is a bronze resin edition. Still to a number of 12.

If you would like to view further works by this artist we have them displayed within our Nottingham gallery and online.

Unit 12A, Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN

Tel – 01159243555


New Artists: Stephen Rautenbach

Stephen Rautenbach is a South African bronze sculptor, we first met a few years ago whilst stomping around Stellenbosch and he quickly got me into one of his studios. I immediately fell in love with his work, the immaculate detailing of each bronze piece is just mind blowing! He really brings the animals to life both in the way the sculptures look and feel, highly textured you can almost sense the movement of the animals coat and the roughness of the ground on which they stand.

  He has built up quite the reputation in South Africa, not just creating bronzing, but also teaching his skill to others. We are very excited to be have his works in Gallery and we hope you like it to.

Check out some of his pieces below and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact myself or Daniel at the Gallery.

20b‘Kingfisher in Flight’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, only 1 available)
Dimensions: W: 20″ H: 5.5″ D: 3.5″
Price: £2650 [Available on Own Art, 10 monthly instalments of just £265 (Interest free)]

This majestic kingfisher sculpture really captures the speed and movement of the bird. It would like stunning upon any mantle or side board. It could even work as an interactive centrepiece allowing you to display light bites on special occasions.

Sprinting Hare‘Sprinting Hare’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, only 1 available)
Dimensions: W: 8″ H: 10″ D: 8″
Price: £3500 [Available on Own Art, spread the payment over 10 or 12 months (Interest free)]

The sprinting hare is my personal favourite of Rautenbach’s pieces. You can feel the hares energy and concentration as it thrusts itself forward. A truly inspirational and fascinating piece to view

16b‘Barn Owl’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, only 1 available)
Dimensions: W: 10″ H: 17″ D: 6″
Price: £4100 [Available on Own Art, spread the payment over 10 or 12 months (Interest free)]

This beautiful crafted work stands to attention, looking pleasantly regal. You can imagine it peering out from its elevated perch, looking for its next catch.

Tall Tail‘Tall Tail’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, only 1 available)
Dimensions: W: ” H: ” D: ”
Price: £5950 [Available on Own Art, spread the payment over 10 or 12 months (Interest free)]

111‘Africaan Bull’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, only 1 available)
Dimensions: W: 3″ H: 3″ D: 1.5″
Price: £295 [Available on Own Art, 10 monthly instalments of just £29.50 (Interest free)]

114‘Standing Shrew’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, 2 available)
Dimensions: W: 1.5″ H: 4″ D: 0.5″
Price: £250 [Available on Own Art, 10 monthly instalments of just £25 (Interest free)]

117‘Hiding Hedgehog’
Original Sculpture: Bronze (Edition of 15, only 1 available)
Dimensions: W: 2.5″ H: 2″ D: 2″
Price: £495 [Available on Own Art, 10 monthly instalments of just £49.50 (Interest free)]

New Artist: Clare Ferguson-Walker

We’ve got a brand new artist coming into the gallery, Clare creates bronze sculptures using her own personal experiences of the human condition to inspire her surreal fantasy like, image creations.

For her art is a passive, silent way of breaking into people’s minds and hearts. The work comes directly from her imagination, that raw conduit between the sub-conscious and what we loosely describe as reality, which of course is only a matter of perception anyway…

Please view her striking images below and for more information please feel free to contact the gallery for more information.


“King Midas and his Touch”

Original Sculpture: Hand Painted Bronze Resin, Edition of 25
Dimensions: W:17″ x H:16″ x D:7″
£2250 or 12 monthly instalments of just £187.50 (interest free) 

Inspired by the classic tale, this piece looks at the notion of greed and how it can destroy us and those around us. When the desire for riches comes before love, we have become nothing but slaves to our own neediness. Only when we loose what is often taken for granted will we see that money cant love us in return.



“Clockwork Heart”

Original Sculpture: Hand Painted Bronze Resin, Edition of 25
Dimensions: W:27″ x H:22″ x D:15″
Price: £3000 or 18 monthly instalments of £166 (Interest Free)

Through self reflection the artist found that childhood conditioning arising from society via her parents and school has created a kind of mechanical system inside. A set of rules that have made individuals almost robotic in their responses.




Medium: Hand Painted Bronze Resin
Dimensions: W:17″ x H:16″ x D:5″
Price: £1450 or 10 monthly instalments of £145 (Interest Free)

A creature combining the physicality and strength of a horse and the delicate beauty of a woman. Totally at one with its on nature, self reliant and unquestioning.

“I see this piece as a representation of a psychological state that I aspire to achieve. I was born in the year of the horse and have always felt akin to them in some way, I hate being boxed in and a desire for freedom is very much at my core”.



“The Lonely King”

Original Sculpture: Hand Painted Bronze Resin Edition of 25
Dimensions: W:9″ H:16″ D:9″
Price: £1950 or 10 monthly instalments of £195 (Interest Free)

This archetypal character represents the potential loneliness associated with power and the responsibility therein. For the artist the king is not a king but her father, the most influential masculine presence in her and in most peoples lives. Most comfortable in his own company, deeply unsure of how to share himself emotional he has made himself an island.

New in for July

New In for July: Works by Rachel Tighe, Russell Hatton, Terry Bradley, Jeff Childs and Ed Chapmen.

Check out some of our brand new works in for your enjoyment this July.

Below are just a few featured works that gallery has had in, check them out and see what you think.

Don’t forget that the Paul Lemmon exhibition is still on and will close tomorrow, so if you’ve not yet been down to view his work make sure you dont miss out!!!

Contact the Gallery for more information on works below and check out the website for more pieces.

We have new works from the wonderful Rachel Tighe, many of you will already be familiar with her New York cityscapes as featured at the Bristol Art Fair. These latest pieces focus on familiar London scenes capturing the bustling nature of the Capitals streets.

‘Welcome To Carnaby Street’ by Rachel Tighe
Original Artwork: Acrylic on Board
Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Price: £595 or just 10 monthly installments of just £59.50 (interest free)

Russell Hatton is renowned for his sharp and bright pieces. Created by adding layers and layers of paint on top of each other using an array of drying and turning techniques to create the lines and shape you see in the picture. To creat a truely mesmorizing finish Hatton actually crushes up copper and adds it tht paint, reflecting light which bounces off his works and makes it truly special.

‘Entelechy Verde’ by Russell Hatton
Original Artwork: Xryallic and Candy on Aluminium
Dimensions:54″ x 34″
Price: £3000 or 18 monthly installments of just £167 (interest free)

Jeff Childs is a local Nottingham artist who creates beautiful figures from bronze. He is passionate about bringing industry back to the UK and all his Bronzes are created using British foundrys. The piece featured below took 3 months to create and is prefectly balanced using a hidden metal rod which acts as an axis from the bottom to the top of the sculpture.

‘The Flying Woman’ by Jeff Childs
Original Sculpture: Bronze
Dimensions: H;25″  W;6″  D;10″
Price: £3250 or 18 monthly installments of just £181 (interest free)

Usually speicialising in his musical icons for his subject matterr, Ed Chapman has instead focused on an artistic powerhouse Salvador Dali. Dali face really jumps out at the viewer and you even get the strange feeling that he may actually be looking right at you. Chapman creates his amazing pieces broken pieces of material such as tile, vinyl and as here in stone, working from the outside in.

‘Dali in Stone’ By Ed Chapman
Orginal Artwork: Stone Mosaic
Dimensions: 24.5″ x 32.5″
Price: £3250 or 18 monthly installments of just £181 (interest free)