The art of Kate Brinkworth


‘Pepsi’ – Oil on Board

Kate Brinkworth’s meticulous, highly detailed compositions draw on the language of photography to create glossy, sleek images which capture the allure of the iconic images she represents. Her bright, larger than life canvases draw us into a world of entertainment and desire, inviting us to revel in the vivid symbols of temptation that Brinkworth present.


‘Gala Casino’ (series 2) – Oil on Board

By transforming the photographic imagery of commercial products into unique, painstakingly executed oil paintings, she undermines the language of advertising, and transforms the mass-produced, machine made objects so familiar to us into unique and original works of art

These pieces and other works by Kate Brinkworth are available through George Thornton Art Gallery, Nottingham – +44(0)1159 243 555 –