G T A presents a Solo Exhibition with Nottingham artist Jane Thomson

G T A presents a Solo Exhibition with Nottingham artist Jane Thomson

‘In Anticipation of me knowing you’ by Jane Thomson

Spend time with Jane’s paintings; on the surface they are beautiful and intricate, but like the layers they are made from, there is so much depth to these works. Figurative art exposes and address the concept of beauty. How we are perceived and how we perceive others.

Jane’s use of ink, pencil and pastel is delicate. Perfect medium for the female form. She then interlinks imagery with layers of acetate, paper and printed thoughts either from photographic text or her own poetry.

We invite you to come and meet the artist. Private View, Artist Appearance Saturday 18th April 2pm until 5pm. Be the first to witness this breath taking collection and speak to Jane regarding ideas and inspiration.

Contact : george@georgethorntonart.com for details

That Moment

Exhibition : Nottingham artist Jane Thomson Solo Show

Upcoming Exhibition: Artist Appearance with
Jane Thomson.

Showcasing works which investigate the female form.

Saturday 18th April until Friday 24th April.

 Unseen Folds

‘Unseen Folds’

Its taken a long time preparing for this show, however we’re finally here and we are just so pleased to announce that the extraordinarily popular Jane Thomson will be joining us in the gallery Saturday 18th April, between 2pm and 5pm. This is an amazing opportunity to come and meet this fabulous artist!

 If you would love to be one of the first to witness this breath taking collection do contact the gallery – 01159 243 555

Opening Reception: Saturday 18th April : Meet the artist 2pm – 5pm, RSVP
Exhibition: Saturday 18th April until 24th April

I will post an electronic brochure (to this wordpress page) for the exhibition a few days prior to the reception. If are unable to attend but interested in original work please e-mail: george@georgethorntonart.com

She is herself, sunrise to sunset

‘She is Herself, Sunrise to Sunset’

George Thornton Art – What we offer? Watch the video!

George Thornton Art

George Thornton Art is a Nottingham based art gallery dealing in original works of art and sculpture by established local artists and international modern masters.

What we offer – Video.

  • Dealing in affordable, original works of art and sculpture.
  • Working with established Artists’ collected worldwide.
  • Each represented Artist creates work by utilizing interesting and contemporary techniques.
  • View art in your own home before purchasing.
  • Commissioned work available by selected Artists’ for that personal touch.
  • Pay via interest free monthly instalments supported by Arts Council England.
  • Professional and experienced staff to help you make that all important choice.

Represented Artist –

  • Alicia Dubnyckyj
  • Christopher Green
  • Darren Stevenson
  • David Bez
  • Dean Fox
  • Dean Kemp
  • Dilk
  • Ed Chapman
  • Elaine Bunfield
  • Gail Troth
  • Ian Hodgson
  • Jan Nelson
  • Jane Thomson
  • Jeff Childs
  • JJ Adams
  • Joel Moens de Hase
  • Kate Bentley
  • Kate Brinkworth
  • Katy Jade Dobson
  • Lawrie Williamson
  • Mackenzie Thorpe
  • Magnus Gjoen
  • Marion Bolognesi
  • Matt Colagiuri
  • Mr Mead
  • Nick Holdsworth
  • Nikki Douthwaite
  • Nom Kinnear King
  • Paul Lemmon
  • Rachel Tighe
  • Rachel Wood
  • Russell Hatton
  • Sara Sanz
  • Sarah Graham
  • Sarah-Jane Szikora
  • Stephen Rautenbach
  • Xue Wang
  • Yvonne Coomber
  • Do come in and meet the team – 12A Flying Horse walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN – http://www.georgethorntonart.com – 01159243555

    Art and Rolf. What happens to the value of his prints and originals now?

    Over the past few weeks I have received many e-mails and calls regarding the value of his art, prints and original works. It’s been a good ten months since the allegations were first printed in the press and as we hear the news that Rolf has been sentenced to five years and nine months. Here are my thoughts on the situation and hopefully an answer to some of your questions.

    I know many people have purchased prints and originals by Rolf. There are probably over 100,000 limited editions in circulation and its probably safe to say that up until this time last year everyone that owned a piece actually admired Rolf impressionistic technique plus his ability to replicate old masters.

    The fact many of us sited him as a ‘national treasure’ makes it much harder to believe what he has been convicted of. Now we all probably view his work (in our homes) and in galleries somewhat differently.

    So what does this mean with regards his value?   

    I’d mentioned previously other artists whose personal reputation have been tainted by similar scandals, yet these are often pushed to the margins over the quality of their work and still remain desirable.

    Rolf however lives in a very different society to that of those examples, and for the better. The nature of his crimes are today absolute societal lows. Rolf called have actually murdered someone and he wouldn’t be so widely and openly detested, and it sticks to. With this in mind I can see no real come back for the value of his work, even years down the line from now.

    The originals may see some bounce back, but I wouldn’t count on it and as for the signed limited editions, not generally purchased with investment in mind anyway unless you’re buying Lowry or Banksy prints. Most prints tend not to hold their retail value and are usually purchased due to a very personal connection.

    I’m under no illusion though that some people will have bought RH prints as investment pieces. As with anything bought for investment, even what seems like the safest commodity can suffer a dramatic (or crash).

    So what advice can I give to someone who owns an original or print and most likely paid a reasonable penny for it?

    This s difficult to say. Some people I’ve spoken with believe that in a few years the news will be forgotten and prices will rise, hence the rush we’ve seen already by some people to snap up cheap Harris’s.

    There has been speculation over the years that the prices of Rolf’s original works were increased due to his celebrity status rather than his artistic ability (I have my own thoughts on the quality of his work that I won’t disclose here), which if so means his artwork like his celeb status is now dead in the water.

    But then there are those speculators who think there will be a turn around, if you think they have something, stick it under your bed wait a few years, see how things go. If you really like the piece keep it on your wall, I wouldn’t expect it to go down well at dinner parties though…

    If you do have a piece and are worried about selling it or simply having it, I’ve seen reports of bonfires then the best thing to do is contact the gallery you got it from or wack it on ebay, you never know some speculator may give you at least some of what paid back.


    George Thornton Art is Pleased to Announce a New Partnership with Nottingham Based Company “The Storage Bed”

     photo 1

    The Gallery is excited to announce a new partnership with ‘The Storage Bed’. Artworks by some of our amazing artists will be featured on their walls and we think its a perfect match.

    It’ll be great to show our artists work in an arena that gives some contextual feeling to the pieces and is the perfect platform from which to introduce the gallery to people who may not otherwise have known about us.

    Here at the gallery we only display the finest quality pieces, which have been painstakingly created to the highest quality. In this sense both the art on show and the beds on offer compliment the other beautifully, making this venture a perfect match for both companies.

    “The Storage Bed” company based in Calverton, Nottingham design and produce high quality storage beds. Set up in 2007 by its founder David Norman, the company has gone from strength to strength and we are very happy to be working with another local business.The companies London Studio is open weekly and can be visited on an appointment only basis.

    Have a look at our websites for more information:



    photo 2

    Monaco Calling; Gallery Closure

    Only Five Days Left Before We Set Off:
    Monaco Gallery Closure!

    ‘Manhattan Night’ by Alicia Dubnycykj

    Hello George

    Hope you’re well?

    It’s five days now until Monaco and that means that the Galley will sadly be closed from Easter Sunday until Wednesday 30th when I will be back in the gallery hopefully with a nice golden tan.

    If you do want to see any of the works before I head off then please do come in today or tomorrow and I will be more than willing to help.

    You can still reach my by email george@georgethorntonart.com and I will try my best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

    Have a brilliant Easter and see you when I get back on the 30th.


    ‘Fish Eagle’ by Stephen Rautenbach

    Exhibition Brochure: Xue Wang


    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 75 x 90cm

    It’s finally upon us and at long last we can reveal the full line up of the works that will be going on display tomorrow.

    Make sure you’re here tomorrow for what will be an outstanding day of frights and thrills.

    The gallery will open its doors at 10am and Xue Wang will be here from 1pm to 5pm to tell us about the work, her inspiration and technique.

    Exhibition closes Saturday 12th October so make sure you don’t miss out on this breathtaking collection.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the gallery or to view online click here.

    See you tomorrow!!!


    ‘Feeding Time’
    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 77 x 80cm


    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 70 x 75cm

    ‘Speaking in Tongues’
    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 70 x 75cm

    ‘No Jam Tomorrow’
    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 70 x 75cm

    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 75 x 80cm

    ‘The Uninvited Guest’
    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 75 x 85cm

    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 80 X 75cm

    Shadow Play
    Oil on Board
    Framed Dimensions: 75 x 85cm