Anna E Davies – Shifting Perceptions


Welsh painter Davies takes inspiration from her day-to-day environment in Nottingham, revealing the underlying sentiments and sensations lurking in mundane, everyday experiences.

Her ruddy, fleshy figures recall the grubby worlds of Raymond Briggs and Quentin Blake as much as Francis Bacon’s contorted dreamscapes. Here the mind is making a break for it through the body and reality is worming its way out from under appearance.

Self portrait (full)

The shifting, fuzzy face of the grim figure in Reflection (below) stands in stark contrast to the defined shape of the teacher or perhaps self portrait seen in Sketch (above image)

Davies work here recalls the existentialist philosophy of Heidegger and Sartre with the subject of Sketch defined and submerged into the social identity of the teacher, while the figure in Reflection is confronted with the terrible freedom of authenticity and the clamouring, battling swirl of multiple identities.


The Gallery welcomes this fine emerging artist to our books. Already a positive reaction we anticipate Davies to be an artist not to be overlooked. Click here to find out more

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Gender Pay Gap? Not in this Gallery…

Reported in the Guardian this week the BBC’s gender pay gap is not so much a single chasm as a series of geological fault-lines. The most egregious discrepancy is that top rates of pay are skewed towards men by two-thirds, and that on-air talent is doing remarkably similar jobs for very different rewards.

Lack of opportunity for women is still a very real issue. A lack of senior female figures on the boards of UK business and industry greatly undermines our economy and makes for a perpetuation of male dominated patterns of behaviour in the professional world. So is this the same in all industries? The art-world perhaps?

Gender imbalances continue to plague the art world in 2017 is a matter of fact. However, to employ an old adage, Rome wasn’t built in a day—and we’d be remiss to overlook progress when we see it. Women in the arts today are (finally) getting their turn. Helen Marten scooped this year’s Turner Prize. Georgia O’keeffe ‘Weed and White Flower’ selling for an excess sum of $44 million. Both these facts compound that perhaps gender equality within the art world is reducing? Although George Thornton Art maybe a modest sized gallery within the industry, we do boast an almost 50 / 50 ratio between female and male artists on our books and with prices ranging from £500 to £5,000 these women are certainly making a huge impact on our accounts and with our clients! No gender pay gap either. Its a strict ratio across all our artists. No inequality here, just really great art!

You can view work by our celebrated body of females below and further compositions can be found on our website.

Transparency - 120cm x 120cm - £1,150

Kirsty Mackay – ‘Transparency’

Yellow Peril

Jan Nelson – ‘Yellow Peril’

KJD - Silverback

Katy Jade Dobson – ‘Silverback’

Morna's Fray

Nom Kinnear King – ‘Morna’s Fray’

Eiffel Tower in Spring (low)

Rachel Tighe – ‘Eiffel Tower in Spring’

The shock of the new

Victoria Horkan – ‘The Shock of the New’

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2017! For the love of art!



Within the context of “ART” the subject supports such personal, social, cultural and creative development, and enables participants, both collectors and artists themselves to engage with ideas and meanings. Welcome 2017 and the gallery is proud that with new media we are looking forward to showcasing a host of imagination and creativity.

New artists are booked for this year. We have an eventful year planned of gallery exhibitions and art fairs. Keep up to date via social media, this platform and be assured in the knowledge that our gallery display, changes weekly with new art arriving all the time. Looking for that perfect statement piece or adding to a collection? See what we have to offer…

George Thornton Art


“Infatuation” by Louise McNaught

Original Mixed Media on Canvas

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Q & A, Info & Ideas… Interview with artist Rachel Tighe

Good afternoon all,

We in the gallery are always inspired by the art we sell. Its always a pleasure to work with artisans from all over the world especially when we get the chance to find out more about there inspirations, what makes them get out of bed and how they create beautiful art. We’re thrilled to pass on this  light interview.

All the information! Thank you Rachel Tighe!

St Pauls from the Thames (low)

‘St Pauls from the Thames’ by Rachel Tighe
Original Artwork: Acrylic on Box Canvas£795 (spread the payment over 10 months, interest free)



Let’s start with a little ice breaker: What are you reading at the moment?

I’m not really big on reading books, as I prefer to digest smaller amounts like articles and interviews. I’m much more into blogs and magazines. I’m currently reading ‘Frieze’ magazine.

What are you working on right now? Are you changing direction at all?

I’m working on a variety of pieces. I’m creating new urban landscapes to rotate around my gallery representatives, but I’m also keen to introduce pieces of my new abstract floral works. I do feel that I’m slightly changing course and having some time to explore new avenues within my style. I hope that people like what I’m creating as I’m having so much fun with a new found topic. It was realising that at the forefront of what I do as an artist is colour and composition, so applying this thought to a new subject matter has felt so natural.

Who, or what is your greatest influence on your life and art?

However cheesy it may sound it’s my partner, family and friends. They are all very talented and driven within their creative fields. I’m influenced by their success and achievements, making me want to better myself. I’m very grateful for their continuous support.

What drives you, gets you out of bed and inspires you to draw?

I would say it’s like an obsession… once I get an idea in my head for a new piece I want to see it finished already, so I have to start and finish it almost to relax that it’s complete on canvas. I think many things inspire my work – from architecture – to more recently organic natural forms. So I would have to say the world we live in aesthetically pushes me to create art. I would then have to say that colour inspires me when it comes to creating a painting as it plays such a huge part in the composition and overall feel of a piece.

Can you explain a little about your extraordinary technique?

My technique might be seen as naïve and childlike, but a lot of thought and time goes into creating something fluid and free-flowing. There’s not a lot of technique as such going on, more planning really. I do like the paint to appear almost flat and print like, so having speed and precision with acrylic paint has to be my technique!

What are the major challenges you face as an artist?

One of the major challenges has to be knowing when to stop and when you might be on the verge of over working a painting, and of course never being 100% about the piece, as it’s all about the next piece in your own head. Being a self-employed artist will always have its challenges, I will have waves of both self-doubt and confidence, and it feels like a roller coaster at times. I think it’s about finding a balance and knowing what to work on during the quieter times and how to organise yourself in the busier times. Perfecting this hasn’t yet been accomplished, but I have many years ahead to do so.

Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

I’d have to say my favourite artist at the moment is an artist called Heather Day. She has such a unique approach to composition and is influenced by her natural surroundings. Her colour palette is very distinctive and bold, and I just get so much joy from looking through her paintings and murals.

What’s your Life ambition?

My ambitions are to further develop my practice and explore more into other areas of art including printmaking. I think I would have to say ultimately I would love to have exhibitions outside of the UK and to have many people engaging with my work. Eventually being able to run my own gallery for purely original art and up and coming artists would be the dream really; being my own boss at the moment is one the best achievements so to help other artists achieve that would be very satisfying.

What’s next?

What’s next is to get the kettle on and start a weeks worth of frame making and canvas stretching to be prepared for the months ahead!

Picidilly Circus low

‘Piccadilly Circus’ by Rachel Tighe
Original Artwork: Acrylic on Canvas


To view work by Rachel Tighe in the flesh do contact the gallery

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George Thornton Art is Pleased to Announce a New Partnership with Nottingham Based Company “The Storage Bed”

 photo 1

The Gallery is excited to announce a new partnership with ‘The Storage Bed’. Artworks by some of our amazing artists will be featured on their walls and we think its a perfect match.

It’ll be great to show our artists work in an arena that gives some contextual feeling to the pieces and is the perfect platform from which to introduce the gallery to people who may not otherwise have known about us.

Here at the gallery we only display the finest quality pieces, which have been painstakingly created to the highest quality. In this sense both the art on show and the beds on offer compliment the other beautifully, making this venture a perfect match for both companies.

“The Storage Bed” company based in Calverton, Nottingham design and produce high quality storage beds. Set up in 2007 by its founder David Norman, the company has gone from strength to strength and we are very happy to be working with another local business.The companies London Studio is open weekly and can be visited on an appointment only basis.

Have a look at our websites for more information:

photo 2