New in For July

Check out some of our amazing new works in for July from the amazing Gail Troth, Russell Hatton and a special one off we’ve managed to get our hands on from Banksy.

Browse featured works by the artists below.

Don’t forget that the Ian Hodgson Show is still running and finishes tomorrow. Make sure you don’t miss out and get down to the Gallery so you can enjoy this outstanding exhibition.

For more details check out our website or contact us at the gallery available in house, by phone and email. Ask for George or Daniel.

Works by Banksy


Nola (White Rain)
Signed Gift Graphic on Paper (Framed)
29.5″ x 38.5″
£4950 or just 18 monthly installments of £275

This is a unique piece that was originally gifted to Banky’s scaffolder, the man who sets up the platforms on which Banksy is able to create his works. We have a letter certifying the authenticity of the piece from Pest Control (The group that authenticate Banksy’s).

Works by Gail Troth

Troth’s works are created without her even touching the canvas. Done by dripping oil onto canvas using various tactics to manipulate the paint as it falls.


‘Surreal View’
Oil on Canvas
39.5″ x 19″
£995 or just 10 monthly installments of £99.50Image
‘Eternal Landscape in Blue’
Oil on Canvas
47″ x 15.5″
£995 or just 10 monthly installments of £99.50

Works by Russell Hatton

Working with aluminium and an array of pulley systems. Hatton is able to create these truly inspiring landscapes and abstract visuals.

‘Entelechy Verde’
Oil on Canvas
54″ x 34″
£3000 or just 14 monthly installments of £214Image

‘Into the Blue’
Oil on Canvas
54″ x 34″
£3000 or just 14 monthly installments of £214

The Ian Hodgson Exhibition (Saturday 13th July – Saturday 20th July)