Mackenzie Thorpe: Exhibition and Charity Book Auction

We’ve got a really exciting couple of weeks ahead of us and we want you to get involved, from April 24th to May 11th we have an exhibition from the world renowned and highly regarded Mackenzie Thorpe. This captivating exhibit celebrates the 10th Anniversary of  his ground breaking ‘Game of Life’. The tour that catapulted Thorpe  into the public hearts and minds and raised his profile within the art world, making his work both sought after and widely collected. George Thornton Art, is one of 10 galleries handpicked to show the complete collection, not seen since 2003.

To commemorate, Thorpe has released two new prints; ‘In Dad’s Boots’ and ‘Man of the Match’ (below), these are both available to view and buy in gallery now, and for those fanatics out there, Thorpe has released an a reworked, signed copy of the ‘Game of Life’ collectible book to celebrate the 2013 show. Its contents include new and orginal sketches (dogs/faces), anecdotes, prose and much more, a collection of orginal artworks in thier own right, and all in one place.

This book is not only highly collectible, but is being auctioned off to benefit 10 (Can you see a pattern developing?) different charities, each picked by the participating galleries. Our charity of choice is ‘The Broad Appeal’ whose raison d’etre is to raise awareness for motor neuron disease and support those with the condition and their families.


Above: A cheeky peek inside the book, to see more, look on:

If you are interested in bidding for the book, please contact the gallery and we can get you on you way to owning a little bit of history.

We’ve saved the best bit of news until last, don’t worry you won’t be disappointed! On May 4th Mackenzie Thorpe himself (yes really) will be in the gallery between 1pm and 4pm. This is an amazing chance to meet the artist and ask him all about his work.
WARNING: This will be a busy event and due to galleries limited space, if you are interested in coming along, please contact me either by phone or email, and I will be able to guarantee a space on the day.

These and more Mackenzie Thorpe’s limited editions, original work and sculptures are available now in the gallery, Take a look on my  website and come in to see these extraordinary pieces in the flesh!


‘In Dad’s Boots’ by Mackenzie Thorpe
Signed limited edition giclee print onto paper (mounted & framed) editon 195


‘Man of the Match’  by Mackenzie Thorpe
signed limited edition print onto paper (framed) Edition 195

The Cult of Bowie, and His Sell Out Show at the V&A

The cult of Bowie, and his sell out show at the V&A

Were a big fan of Bowie here at the Gallery and it seems that the rest of the UK loves him just as much as we do. Just last week the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, crowned its exhibition ‘David Bowie Is’ about the life of the music artist, the fastest-selling in its history.

This retrospective exhibit captures the artists long and captivating career using an array of sources and archived material, some taken the artists own personal collection. The nature of Bowie’s elaborate and ever-changing persona makes this one of the most dynamic, visually stimulating and covering a wide range of art styles that cross generations.

Many will already be familiar with his music; it seems you can’t get through any ‘coming of age’ film without at least one track or poster of the man popping up during one melancholic or symbolic frame. Even if that’s not your thing, you’re bound to have seen (or heard) him elsewhere. He rose to cult status in the 70’s, and has not yet fallen from grace.


Tributes to Bowie: Left – ‘David Bowie’ by Nick Holdsworth, Centre – ‘David Bowie’ by Mike Edwards, Right – ‘David Bowie’ by Ed Chapman

The V&A are not the only people to notice and promote his cult status. Artists have for a long time been inspired to replicate, build upon and represent the man. We have not one but three depictions of the great man himself by three separate artists, each using different techniques and want to depict Bowie in differing contexts, making each piece a unique and original retake of his multiple personas. This trend is not one confined to our four walls, and after the V&A’s success and a resurgence of Bowie to modern audiences with the successful release of his new album ‘The Next Day’,  it is a trend that looks set to continue and prosper.

The success of this exhibit come as no shock and with the cult of Bowie set to continue, we look forward with some eagerness to see what new alter-egos, iconic images and sounds will come out of this genius.

Long Live the Cult of Bowie…