The Wildlife Art of Katy Jade Dobson

Mother and Baby“Mother and Baby”

This young artist, based in Lincoln, (UK) demonstrates her love and understanding of her medium in her ethereal, colour rich paintings of wildlife. Inspired by the work of French artist Odilon Redon, Dobson brings a lavish quality to the animals that she depicts on canvas. Brush strokes, scratches and the sheer exuberance of the laying on of paint make her exciting representations of noble beasts a pleasure to behold. But given the popularity of animals as subject matter, evidenced in the success of David Shepherd’s work over the years, is Dobson’s work the 21st century’s answer to wildlife painting?

By way of comparison, David Shepherd’s work ‘Ahmed’


and Katy Jade Dobson’s work ‘His Majesty’

His Majesty - Copy

both show a bull elephant in his pride, fully alert and looking frankly magnificent. But how does our response to the different way these beasts are shown evidence a shift in taste in the wildlife genre buying public? Shepherd’s seemingly photo realistic ‘Ahmed’ appears in a dust cloud, set against a tropical blue sky, as though he has been captured pictorially in situ. But how realistic is that version of ‘in situ’? Is it so very different from the non-background to Dobson’s ‘His Majesty’? I would argue that both settings are alien to the majority of the public, most not having personally experienced the landscape in which an elephant roams. Therefore, the space given by Dobson to her multi-hued creature is as valid and as tangible in reality as the idyll represented in Shepherd’s work. This absence, this permission for the audience to view the elephant as they will, lends a more contemporary tone to the depiction of the bull, surely more fitting in a 21st century environment. The skill of Dobson in visually reproducing the animal and giving it its own space to be admired is a stunning tribute not only to her skill as a wildlife artist, but to her sensitivity and understanding of her genre.


“Strength” by Katy Jade Dobson

Signed limited edition print on paper. (Edition of just 45 copies)

Presented in an off white card mount and big black, ornate frame.

£345, spread the payment with Own Art. No deposit, followed by 10 equal monthly instalments of £34.50.

His Majesty

“His Majesty” by Katy Jade Dobson

Signed limited edition print on paper. (Edition of just 75 copies)

Presented in an off white card mount and big black, ornate frame.

£345, spread the payment with Own Art. No deposit, followed by 10 equal monthly instalments of £34.50.


“Wisdom” by Katy Jade Dobson

Signed limited edition print on paper. (Edition of just 45 copies)

All works are available in the Nottingham gallery. Come and see them in the flesh. For more information regarding these or original paintings please contact the gallery. {01159243555} {}

George Thornton Art – What we offer? Watch the video!

George Thornton Art

George Thornton Art is a Nottingham based art gallery dealing in original works of art and sculpture by established local artists and international modern masters.

What we offer – Video.

  • Dealing in affordable, original works of art and sculpture.
  • Working with established Artists’ collected worldwide.
  • Each represented Artist creates work by utilizing interesting and contemporary techniques.
  • View art in your own home before purchasing.
  • Commissioned work available by selected Artists’ for that personal touch.
  • Pay via interest free monthly instalments supported by Arts Council England.
  • Professional and experienced staff to help you make that all important choice.

Represented Artist –

  • Alicia Dubnyckyj
  • Christopher Green
  • Darren Stevenson
  • David Bez
  • Dean Fox
  • Dean Kemp
  • Dilk
  • Ed Chapman
  • Elaine Bunfield
  • Gail Troth
  • Ian Hodgson
  • Jan Nelson
  • Jane Thomson
  • Jeff Childs
  • JJ Adams
  • Joel Moens de Hase
  • Kate Bentley
  • Kate Brinkworth
  • Katy Jade Dobson
  • Lawrie Williamson
  • Mackenzie Thorpe
  • Magnus Gjoen
  • Marion Bolognesi
  • Matt Colagiuri
  • Mr Mead
  • Nick Holdsworth
  • Nikki Douthwaite
  • Nom Kinnear King
  • Paul Lemmon
  • Rachel Tighe
  • Rachel Wood
  • Russell Hatton
  • Sara Sanz
  • Sarah Graham
  • Sarah-Jane Szikora
  • Stephen Rautenbach
  • Xue Wang
  • Yvonne Coomber
  • Do come in and meet the team – 12A Flying Horse walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN – – 01159243555

    What makes the artist JJ Adams so popular?

              Twiggy Tattoo Large 24x30 - Copy          Summer Lovin T Bird Version 24x30 - Copy

    JJ Adams…

    This exciting young artist is touted as being the Next Big Thing on the British art scene. With his challenge to the heart of British cultural values – members of the Royal family displayed with full sleeve tattoos, iconic buildings such as Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Westminster depicted defaced by graffiti, Adams strikes at the heart of our cultural consciousness with his work.

    Rule Brittania - St Pauls Cathedral 20x30

    “Rule Brittania – St Pauls”

    In the same way that Banksy became the art world’s darling, filling the vacuum left by the end of the love affair with the YBAs, Adams is making a name for himself, aided by Wishbone Publishing, with his phenomenal output. Born in Plymouth, Adams was raised in South Africa, remaining there until the end of the apartheid era when he returned to these shores with the aim of becoming a tattoo artist. Little wonder then that his obsession with body art spills over into his work, evidenced in his ‘Tattoo Series’ where icons of royalty, music and the silver screen are depicted with awesome full sleeve and knuckle tattoos. The ubiquity of the tattoo in mainstream culture must play a part in his appeal to the mainstream art audience, but there is more to his art than purely capitalising on a social trend. His interest in printing and in graphic design – honed when working in the South West as a printer whilst experimenting with art in his spare time – are evident in the stylised way much of his work is presented. Combining media such as printing, collage, spray paint, screen prints and hand painted acrylics, his work has attracted attention from Christie’s, Rolls Royce, Vogue and GQ magazines with its rawness, energy and passion, but also with its accessibility and broad subject appeal.

    But, like Banksy, Adams is certainly not a mainstream fine artist, and similarly, much of his work remains true to the roots of his style and influences. Where Banksy’s popularity came from the street through recognition of his graffiti and its subsequent elevation to ‘art’, Adams work is equally accessible and most importantly recognisable in its representation of things ‘normal’ that have been given Adams’ treatment which, in challenging their orthodoxy, cause the audience to consider their own response to these significant cultural icons. However, being able to picture Buckingham Palace with graffitied gate posts somehow appeals to the British sense of humour and perhaps more importantly makes the audience question why the imagery is such a visual shock. To have the artistic vision to produce works that speaks on such an accessible level to the man in the street and yet which so cleverly strikes at the heart of our culture is evidence of Adams’ skill and gives a big clue as to why his work is generating such excitement in the art – and wider – community. Fundamentally this is what makes JJ Adams so popular and undeniably an artist to invest in!

    Love-Gun web file

    “Love Gun”

    Signed limited edition print on paper. Framed just £435.

    (Own Art available, spread the payment over 10 months interest free)

    Jimi Hendrix – created with fragments of record vinyl

    Artist, Ed Chapman has exhibited throughout the UK, in Europe and the USA.

    His unusual mosaics are on display at Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ Museum on both sides of the Atlantic, two of his large works are currently on a six-year educational tour of the US and Canada.

    Ed predominantly works with ceramic tile, however lately he has branched into other mediums including stone, plectrums and now record vinyl! Incidentally, in 2011 Ed’s unique Fender plectrums portrait of Jimi Hendrix sold for £23,000 with the proceeds awarded to help support Cancer Research UK.


    Ed Chapman’s ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in Vinyl : Original Artwork, fragments of record vinyl, mosaic onto board and priced at £6,000.

    Payment options available with Own Art. No deposit, followed by 24 instalments of £250….


    This enlarged photo of the work shows and incredible amount of detail.

    His mosaics have a number of high-profile collectors including foreign royalty, members of the Times Rich List, musicians such as Annie Lennox, TV stars, Premiership and England footballers, an African state governor and even Lemmy from Motorhead.

    Ed’s mosaics have received widespread media coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and CBS in the US, as well as international press, newspapers and magazines and countless websites.

    For all information regarding this work please contact the gallery. +44(0)1159 243 555