Celebrating Senna

Celebrating Senna

This year marks the 20th anniversary since the death of the tour de force that was Ayrton Senna. A master in his field, an enigmatic presence both on and off the track and not one to shy away from controversy, Senna was the most dominant and successful Formula One driver of the modern era, and sadly, the most recent fatality. Although his career was a tumultuous one (in particular during the years he spent at McLaren locked in fierce competition with team mate Alain Prost) and his death tragic and untimely, we take the time to celebrate the life of a generous man, who brought so much joy to so many, and who’s legacy will never be forgotten.

Here in the gallery, we’re very honored to be showcasing the amazing work of Nikki Douthwaite, and her ‘Ayrton Senna’ created from hundreds of thousands of hole punched dots strategically places individually onto board with the finished product a stunningly realistic portrait to honor the man himself.

To have a closer look at the piece please visit http://www.georgethorntonart.com/Artists/Nikki-Douthwaite/Aryton-Senna or drop into the gallery.


Featured Works for February

DSCF3922‘Aryton Senna’ by Nikki Douthwaite
Original Artwork: Card and Paper (hole punch dots) onto board (framed)
Dimensions: 55″ x 46″
Price:£3250 or 16 monthly instalments of £203 (Interest Free)

Check out some of our new works in for February.

We have some great pieces in from Kate Brinkworth, Nick Holdsworth, Jan Nelson, Russell-Hatton and Nom Kinnear King.

Along with these fantastic artists, we would like to welcome aboard the amazing Nikki Douthwaite.
She has already built a name for herself in the driving world; featured on the Grand Prix 2013 round up show, she is now widely collected by people including big names such as Mclaren, Martin Brundle  and Jake Humphrey. Motorcar mad she uses paper dots collected from hole punchers to create intricately detailed portraits of drivers. (See Above)

Check out some of the images below and for more information please feel free to contact the gallery for more information.

KBR‘Oxford Circus’ by Kate Brinkworth
Original Artwork: Oil on Board
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
Price: £3500 or 10 monthly instalments of £350 (Interest Free)

Kate’s Work recently sold at Christies, beating the expected guide price.


Marlena‘Marlena’ by Nick Holdworth
Original Artwork: Gloss on Wood(Framed)
Dimensions: 33″ x 26″
Price: £995 or 10 monthly instalments of £99.50 (Interest Free)

Train of Thought‘Train of Thought’ by Ian Hodgson
Medium:Graphite on Paper
Dimensions:28″ x 22″
Price: £495 or 10 monthly instalments of £49.50 (Interest Free)

Like-it-too-much‘Like it too Much’ by Paul Lemmon
Original Artwork: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 32″ x 32″
Price: £995 or 10 monthly instalments of £99.50 (Interest Free)

1779782_10153797658580078_1498353910_n‘Henrietta’ by Nom Kinnear King
Original Artwork: Pastel on Paper, Mounted and Framed
Dimensions: 25″ x 26″
Price: £945 or 10 monthly instalments of £94.50 (Interest Free)

This piece has taken many months to complete. After relocating from Brighton to Norfolk King was inspired by the provincial landscape, animals, birds as well as the seasonal harvest time flora and fauna. An idea that transpired into this beautiful creation.