New in for July

New In for July: Works by Rachel Tighe, Russell Hatton, Terry Bradley, Jeff Childs and Ed Chapmen.

Check out some of our brand new works in for your enjoyment this July.

Below are just a few featured works that gallery has had in, check them out and see what you think.

Don’t forget that the Paul Lemmon exhibition is still on and will close tomorrow, so if you’ve not yet been down to view his work make sure you dont miss out!!!

Contact the Gallery for more information on works below and check out the website for more pieces.

We have new works from the wonderful Rachel Tighe, many of you will already be familiar with her New York cityscapes as featured at the Bristol Art Fair. These latest pieces focus on familiar London scenes capturing the bustling nature of the Capitals streets.

‘Welcome To Carnaby Street’ by Rachel Tighe
Original Artwork: Acrylic on Board
Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Price: £595 or just 10 monthly installments of just £59.50 (interest free)

Russell Hatton is renowned for his sharp and bright pieces. Created by adding layers and layers of paint on top of each other using an array of drying and turning techniques to create the lines and shape you see in the picture. To creat a truely mesmorizing finish Hatton actually crushes up copper and adds it tht paint, reflecting light which bounces off his works and makes it truly special.

‘Entelechy Verde’ by Russell Hatton
Original Artwork: Xryallic and Candy on Aluminium
Dimensions:54″ x 34″
Price: £3000 or 18 monthly installments of just £167 (interest free)

Jeff Childs is a local Nottingham artist who creates beautiful figures from bronze. He is passionate about bringing industry back to the UK and all his Bronzes are created using British foundrys. The piece featured below took 3 months to create and is prefectly balanced using a hidden metal rod which acts as an axis from the bottom to the top of the sculpture.

‘The Flying Woman’ by Jeff Childs
Original Sculpture: Bronze
Dimensions: H;25″  W;6″  D;10″
Price: £3250 or 18 monthly installments of just £181 (interest free)

Usually speicialising in his musical icons for his subject matterr, Ed Chapman has instead focused on an artistic powerhouse Salvador Dali. Dali face really jumps out at the viewer and you even get the strange feeling that he may actually be looking right at you. Chapman creates his amazing pieces broken pieces of material such as tile, vinyl and as here in stone, working from the outside in.

‘Dali in Stone’ By Ed Chapman
Orginal Artwork: Stone Mosaic
Dimensions: 24.5″ x 32.5″
Price: £3250 or 18 monthly installments of just £181 (interest free)