George Thornton Art Invites you to Monaco


The Gallery kindly invites you to Art Monaco’14. Now in its 5th year, the show brings together art enthusiasts and luxury lovers from around the world for a four day exhibition of some of the worlds best contemporary artists and art galleries; this really marks a turning point for the gallery, raising our profile and putting us next to some the worlds best galleries (you will be able to find us at Booth: B15). Hosted right on the seafront in Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum making it the French Riviera’s most exclusive art show!!!

If you would like to come along, or would like to see more information regarding the event please click the ‘Attend Event’ button below, this will direct you to the Art Monaco website where you can order your FREE ticket by entering the codes below for the shown dates and events!

24th/25th April: VIP Vernissage (Black Tie) Evening, Enter Code:


25th/26th/27th April: General Admission, Enter Code:


We hope to see you there.

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‘David Bowie’ by Ed Chapman
Shattered Vinyl on Board
Dimensions: 48″ x 31.5″
Price: £10,000 Available on own art: Spread the payment over 12, 14 or 18 months (interest free).

Alicia - Copy
‘A City Scape’ by Alicia Dubnyckyj
Gloss on Wood
Dimensions: 30″ x 24″
Price: £4,500 Available on own art: Spread the payment over 12, 14 or 18 months (interest free).

Raising Awareness! Upcoming Exhibition: ‘Intimacy With Plants’ – Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Villayat ‘Snow Moon Wolf ’ Sunkmanitu

Intimacy 3 Copyright Villayat Sunkmanitua_resize_resize_resize

The Gallery is proud to support and welcome photographer Villayat ‘Snow Moon Wolf’ Sunkmanitu, who will be exhibiting a selection of his works taken in the haven of his own back garden. A place to escape and to recovery from the difficulties of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the modern world. The Exhibition hopes to raise awareness for people living with the condition and to promote discussion in an area that is often swept under the carpet.

Two World Wars and numerous conflicts later, the condition once ignored and passed off as ‘Shell Shock’, is still much misunderstood.  It is only after recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that the issue has once again started to hit a chord with British public.

Sunkmanitu, a former RAF police officer stationed in Northern Ireland during the mid 1980’s still suffers from the condition and has undergone varying  NHS treatments and other more unorthodox methods such as healing Earth Medicine prescribed by the Lakota Tribe of the Great Plains in North America. It was in the wilderness that he was able to photograph wolves, escape the rat race, feel at peace and finally find some control over PTSD.

Photography and Poetry are both forms of creative therapy that help to get to grips with PTSD. Both will be displayed alongside each other during the exhibition, each working in tandem to expose the torment, alienation and stigma Sunkmanitu feels and the journey he has taken to find internal peace within himself and with his condition.

“Sometimes people with mental health problems can find it extremely difficult to leave their homes.  The purpose of this particular exhibition is to show what you can do within the safety of your own garden.”

Villayat’s exhibition will be on available to view in gallery from 1st to 8th February 2014. Villayat himself will be in gallery on Saturday 1st February to discuss the work and talk a bit more about his experiences with PTSD. This modest exhibition will be only be on show for one week before it continues its tour of the UK.

For more information please feel free to contact the gallery by phone or email.

Exhibition Brochure: Xue Wang


Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 75 x 90cm

It’s finally upon us and at long last we can reveal the full line up of the works that will be going on display tomorrow.

Make sure you’re here tomorrow for what will be an outstanding day of frights and thrills.

The gallery will open its doors at 10am and Xue Wang will be here from 1pm to 5pm to tell us about the work, her inspiration and technique.

Exhibition closes Saturday 12th October so make sure you don’t miss out on this breathtaking collection.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the gallery or to view online click here.

See you tomorrow!!!


‘Feeding Time’
Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 77 x 80cm


Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 70 x 75cm

‘Speaking in Tongues’
Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 70 x 75cm

‘No Jam Tomorrow’
Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 70 x 75cm

Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 75 x 80cm

‘The Uninvited Guest’
Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 75 x 85cm

Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 80 X 75cm

Shadow Play
Oil on Board
Framed Dimensions: 75 x 85cm

Red is the Colour of Money when it comes to Selling Art

So why is this? Red notably has been the concept of danger, stopping for traffic signals or the colour of the fire alarm. Red lips are considered beautiful and in turn Red is the signal of sex! The red light district needs no explanation! Red is the warmest of all colours. Red is the colour most chosen by extroverts. In China, red is the colour of prosperity and joy. So does red in paintings turn us on?

See Rothko’s ‘Untitled 1970’ with its thick splash of red across the top. One of the primary colours and in Rothko’s own words ‘red is the colour of blood, tomatoes and the occasional apple’.


Sotheby’s art expert Philip Hook (said) the colour red – sells…’Artistic genius and masterful brushwork are all very well, but for a painting to fetch the highest prices it needs to have a splash of red’…”

Kate Brinkworth ‘s incredible detailed work is sensual and moody. Red backdrops allow the viewer to feel a sense of danger however they are lost in the beauty of the work. The fine brush work and incredible reflective quality detracts from the danger of the colour and lightens the mood.

Under physiological research red has been shown to increase blood pressure and stimulate the adrenal glands. The stimulation of the adrenal glands helps us become strong and increases our stamina. Pink, a lighter shade of red, helps muscles relax. So with this in mind do red paintings inflict us to be dominant when it comes to decision making. Would it empower anyone enough to buy a piece of art work?

World renowned artist, Mackenzie Thorpe smacks the paper with a handful of red pastel chalk to create his latest piece. ‘In Dad’s Boots’ is large, the whole work measures almost 40” sq and priced at £9,950. The red football give the whole piece a focal point without distracting from the initial child like emotion of the boy looking up at his father.


So, if we take into account red is both gory and sensual. I suppose the artist trick is to land of the side of sensual indication. Let’s say for example this is what helps sell a work of art? As Mackenzie has portrayed so well let’s look at bridging the gap between portraying a statement of danger to that of lust and mood. An almost erotic tendency that makes the viewer feel good and releases endorphins. So it is entirely plausible that the colour red does sell art.


We’re a Finalist…

photo (3)

Some of you may or may not know that the gallery has become a finalist at this years Nottingham Evening Post Business Awards. I hadn’t really considered entering until a  friend of mine rang me up and (after much pestering) persuaded me to enter.

I had no idea that it may actually go anywhere, then low and behold I received an email saying my business was up for the ‘Retailer Business of the Year Award’ sponsored by vision express. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little proud of myself, heavens knows how big my head will get if I were to actual win.

The Gallery has been doing well, we have some amazing new artists, we’re currently down in Bristol at the Affordable Art Fair, and I’ve even managed to employ a helping hand in the gallery. This award could hopefully signal, further growth for the gallery and one more thing to add onto my list of great things to happen in 2013.

The competition is tight though and it is by no means in the bag, last night I had the chance to eye up my competition and do a little schmoozing at ALEA Casino. It was a brilliant oppurtunity to meet some of the sponsors, sadly i couldn’t find the lady representing Vision Express. The other finalists and the team from Champions who have helped organise the whole thing, and have done an outstanding job doing it.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on May 23rd, so fingers crossed for gallery please, and good luck to everyone else, I’m very excited about seeing you all there and having a brilliant evening.

Even if we don’t win, thankyou to Vision Express for picking the gallery as a finalist and to everyone that has supported the gallery since we opened. We couldn’t have done it without you.

New for April

Aprils shaping up to be an exciting month here at the gallery. We’ve had some new works in this week from a few familiar faces, extraordinary compositions from world reknowned artists. Later this month the gallery will be exhibnting work by the highly regarded artists, Mackenzie Thorpe and to top it all off, George Thornton Art will be representing itself for the first time at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair.

Have a look below at some of fantastic new pieces, avaliable now.


‘Dulce Condena’ by Sara Sanz
Original Artwork: Acrylic onto Canvas, mounted onto Board
Dimensions: 22″ x 26″
£1250.00 or 10 monthly installments of only £125.00 (Interest free)

Image ‘Bardot La Carresse’ by Mike Edwards
Original Artwork: Oil onto Stretched Box Canvas
Dimensions: 47″ x 63″
£4450.00 (Payment options available)

Their will be a small run of 25 prints coming soon for this amazing piece, making the original highly collectable.
please contact the gallery for more information.


‘Yasgur’s Farm’ by Gail Troth
Original Art: Oil onto Canvas
Dimensions: 48″ x 36″
£1250.00 or 10 monthly installment of £125.00 (interest free)


‘Manchester Printworks’ by Rachel Tighe
Original Artwork: Acrylic onto Canvas
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
£795.00 or 10 monthly installments of £79.50 (interest free)


The Gallery has now signed the world reknowned artists Mackenzie Thorpe whos works will be exhibtited in the gallery over the next few weeks

‘Bee My Love’ by Mackenzie Thorpe
Signed limited edition print onto Paper (mounted & framed) edition 195
Dimensions: 26″ x 27″
£450.00 or 10 monthly installments of £45.00 (interest free)

New Year… new work arriving…


The incredible Paul Lemmon provides the gallery with his usual touch of contemporary figurative class! This particular piece is awash with with colour, creating a buzzing atmosphere and mood.
‘When You’re Smiling’.
Original Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 40″
No deposit, 10 equal monthly instalments of £185!


‘Multiplicity Bianco’ by Russell Hatton.
Hours were spent spray painting this aluminum sheet. The paint once settled is quickly dried before polished and embedded within the metal.
Total dimensions 40″ sq. £2,500


Our apparent fascination with skulls has dated for hundreds of years. Mike Edwards ‘Dancing Skull’ plays homage to this macabre muse, however with a twist of colour and surrealism the piece comes to life.
This hand pulled silkscreen is the AP edition (Artist Proof copy), of just one.
Positioned in a sleek, modern gloss white frame, plus a beautiful off white deep cut mount.
Total Dimensions: 29″ x 27″
£495 and with Own Art finance that’s just £49.50 per month for 10 months.


Ian Hodgson’s new work is arriving…. Ian’s poplualirty has increased dramatcially over the past few years, and this year he will be exhibting with established galleries in Brighton, London, New York, and of course Nottingham! I have a number of pieces arriving over the coming week, all beautifully worked and framed in large modern off white mouldings.


Paul Normansel (you may be aware of ) is a FAB artist from Birmingham. Recently he shot to fame after becoming the official artist for Las Vegas, Indie Rock band ‘The Killers’. Now signed to a major publishing house his prices have increased dramatically over the last year! I have been asked by a client to find this particular piece a good home…
Original spot painting on aluminum, ‘Kate Moss’. Available for £3,500.


Since signing Jan to the gallery I have been overwhelmed with the response! here in Nottingham everyone just loves the colour, texture and altogether vibrancy of the work! Therefore I have two new piece’s to display. This particular piece is incredible!
Dark Red Poppies’ and it’s just £695!