Aerodynamic engineering crossed with animal and plant. Exciting new sculptures by Adam Warwick Hall


Herringkell MK1

We’d like to introduce you to our new artist, bronze practitioner, Adam Warwick Hall.

We’re really excited to have these pieces in the gallery! Exceptionally crafted with integrity and fine challenging details. There is so much depth to these works – they contemplate not only artifice, but also the natural versus the man-made.

Adam has an incredible understanding of the mechanics of birds and fish. With this knowledge he crafts a unique style, a mix of Aerodynamic, animal and plant.

Below, a modest preview of these gorgeous pieces.

Fork Tailed Devil - AWH

Fork Tailed Devil

An abstracted take on the P-38 lightning bomber.


Herringkell MK 2

Solid Bronze, edition of just 12 copies. All finished with a different colour patination and waxed for outside as well as inside settings.


Ground Effect

Fascinated by aircraft, animals and plants from an early age, Adam trained as a sculptor from 1989 to 1991. On graduating he immediately started work as a sculptor and model maker for the Film and TV industry at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios. He then progressed to specialist work with exhibition and aerospace companies creating one-off pieces, which other trades were not able to make due to their complex curves and diverse materials. In 2010, after 20 years of making all types of shapes and forms in a range of materials for a wide variety of people and companies, Adam set up his own studio near Bristol. Inspired by aerodynamic, organic and animal forms his work as an artist has always been a mixture of biology and mechanisation. Adam’s love of aerodynamic forms fuels his concepts; fusing mechanised structures with organic forms to create his pieces

The Gallery is showcasing furthers works in our studio. Come and see these fabulous pieces in the flesh!

George Thornton Art

12A Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2HN – Telephone : 01159243555

Celebrating Senna

Celebrating Senna

This year marks the 20th anniversary since the death of the tour de force that was Ayrton Senna. A master in his field, an enigmatic presence both on and off the track and not one to shy away from controversy, Senna was the most dominant and successful Formula One driver of the modern era, and sadly, the most recent fatality. Although his career was a tumultuous one (in particular during the years he spent at McLaren locked in fierce competition with team mate Alain Prost) and his death tragic and untimely, we take the time to celebrate the life of a generous man, who brought so much joy to so many, and who’s legacy will never be forgotten.

Here in the gallery, we’re very honored to be showcasing the amazing work of Nikki Douthwaite, and her ‘Ayrton Senna’ created from hundreds of thousands of hole punched dots strategically places individually onto board with the finished product a stunningly realistic portrait to honor the man himself.

To have a closer look at the piece please visit or drop into the gallery.

Onegin by Andy Reid. Inspired by the 1999 film, based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel “Eugene Onegin”

Onegin is a 1999 British-American romantic drama film based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel in verse Eugene Onegin, co-produced by British and American companies and shot mostly in the UK.
Starring Ralph Fiennes as Yevgeni “Eugene” Onegin and Liv Tyler as Tatyana.

Andy Reid painted his piece based upon love, compassion and distant memories that build on are personal emotions.

Watch trailer –

‘Onegin’, Oil on Canvas, (70cm sq) – £995

“Debbie Harry, Blondie” – Commission Request

This piece was commissioned by one of my clients. Created by Mike Edwards, tirelessly painting each individual letter by hand. Note the subtle cheek bones and attention to detail. Incredible work! For all commission request contact the gallery – +44(0)1159243555 –