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JJ Adams - Colour 007 Webfile

For more than 100 years, art has been defined by rebellion. From the surrealists’ rejection of the rational to the political paintings of Picasso, rebellion has underpinned much of the driving force of many artistic movements and evidences the need to push boundaries and try something different. Keeping clients and collectors entertained and expressing visually the rage against whatever particular machine that has roused the artist’s ire. This is easier said than done. Even legendary performers such as the late great Prince and Paul Weller have stumbled when trying to create a different and unique style. Trying to rebel against conventional taste. Taking time to cite Paul Weller, this is a man who rose to fame quickly with his notorious punk band The Jam, before slipping into uncertain waters for pretty much a decade. Failed albums and on the verge of bankruptcy he self-financed and produced a monumental album, ‘Wild Wood’ followed shortly by, according to Rolling Stone, what was one of the greatest album ever, Stanley Road. A true tale of the rise and fall and rise again! Excuse me as I digress, but my aim to discuss the musical talent of Weller is really to compare this to the ideals of an artist. One who won fame quickly and justly? Wanted something different but it was rarely accepted and yet he still wanted to offer us something incredibly via commitment to and belief in his talent. This brings me onto to the incredible artist JJ Adams. An artist, who like few others, bounced onto the Art scene with incredible force. Aided by his modest publishing house and a select number of galleries, his works would sell within minutes. This due to secondary market and a control beyond the reach of JJ Adams, it proves what a legacy he was carving. Like many artists, including Weller, JJ Adams late last year wanted to try a different angle, sample new styles and experiment with different techniques. A body of work that he produced which was met with a lack of enthusiasm in the market place. However, his ‘Surgery Collection’ was by no means a flop and I for one feel we will look back on this collection with admiration and in fact art history has taught us that its these ‘under the radar’ collections tend to be worth their weight in gold in years to come. There was a time Picasso’s ceramics were frowned upon and just look how collectable they are today.

JJ Adams  - Exterminate X-Ray Webfile

‘Exterminate’ by JJ Adams
Signed limited edition. (edition of 45)


In a world where the industry is changing rapidly and consumers are on the hunt for familiarity if you provide something rebellious and differing from the norm it will always be met with some caution. We know this by studying work produced by Damien Hirst, Banksy and even Warhol who created art which his peers described as Bonfire fuel! So to conclude, as JJ entertains his colleagues and collectors, he continues to produce work that sells within minutes. Limited editions and originals sell before they hit the gallery walls; JJ is becoming well renowned within his field, a notable artist on the auction house market and a stable rebellious artist that is adorning many a private collection. He has bounced back with a vengeance,  proving to everyone he is an artistic force to be reckoned with. I think now, in years to come, people will be disappointed that they may have missed this furious wave of cultural rebellious artwork produced by this young talent. JJ Adams has a high mountain to climb and although moving quickly, this fickle art market will produce some pitfalls but in my mind he is worth watching and I’m sure by his own admission ‘The Best is yet to come…’

New work…

JJ Adams - Rule Britannia Routemaster Webfile

‘Route Master’ by JJ Adams
Signed limited edition. (edition of 195)
£575 (Framed). Own Art available, spread the payment over 10 months, interest free.


JJ Adams - B&W 007 Webfile

‘James Bond – 007’ (Black and White)
Signed limited edition. (edition of 195)
£495 (Framed). Own Art available, spread the payment over 10 months, interest free.


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